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Mia Khalifa Takes to Twitter to Defend Bella Hadid and Palestine

Lebanese adult actress turned influencer Mia Khalifa never fails to publicly share her opinions of conflicts in the world. Over the past two weeks, she took to social media to shed light on the historic and ongoing injustices in Palestine. In recently posted tweets, Khalifa referred to the United States’ support of the Israeli government…


Yes, Modern-Day Slavery Exists — What Are You Doing About It?

In much of the Arab world, an archaic, unjust set of laws still exist. Known as mechanisms for modern-day slavery, kafala (visa sponsorship) laws are practiced with little regard for the safety of those most oppressed under these rules: migrant domestic workers. These workers are forbidden from leaving or changing employers in the country without their sponsor’s…

Lebanese policewomen out on the job.

A Lebanese Town Changed Policewomen’s Uniform to Attract Tourists

In June 2018, the police authorities of the town of Brummana in the main district of Mount Lebanon in Lebanon issued a new uniform that caused controversy on social media. The policewomen of the town are now wearing summer uniforms consisting of black shorts and a T-shirt. They are also wearing a red barrette with Lebanon’s national symbol on it, the Lebanese Cedar tree. The reason for this decision was explicated by their mayor,…