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What Can You Do About the Hijab Ban in India?

In case you haven’t been catching up with recent news, there’s been an outrage following the India hijab ban order – and we’ve got the full story here. Long story short, on 5th February 2022, an order was issued by the Karnataka government, in India, banning Muslim students from wearing a hijab as part of…


“How Come Your English Is So Good?”

You are probably reading this because you have received a comment along the lines of the title of this piece. It is not uncommon, and if you have not, then expect it at any time and place. Here it goes: I moved to Montreal, Canada from Kuwait when I was 18 years old. I did…


This Muslim Woman Co-Founded the Kuwait Poets Society

Within the past few years, the people of Kuwait, a Middle Eastern country, started noticing a positive aura to the artistic ambiance in the nation. Kuwait has always been an advocate for the arts, with national museums and such projects displaying so. The youth, though, have not always been caught up. I grew up in…


Yes, Modern-Day Slavery Exists — What Are You Doing About It?

In much of the Arab world, an archaic, unjust set of laws still exist. Known as mechanisms for modern-day slavery, kafala (visa sponsorship) laws are practiced with little regard for the safety of those most oppressed under these rules: migrant domestic workers. These workers are forbidden from leaving or changing employers in the country without their sponsor’s…

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