The Islamic Empire’s Textile and Blacksmith Industries

Among its many accomplishments, the Islamic Empire was also renowned worldwide for its incredible textile and blacksmith industries. Textiles characterized by rich colors and details, and steel that was notorious for its matchless precision, characterized the quality and marvelousness of Islamic creations that later civilizations aspired to recreate with little success. Byzantine and Sasanian served…


The Islamic Empire’s Golden Age

The roads wound all over the empire. Foreign goods were abundant in markets. The minds of the people were alive, buzzing with innovations and ideas. While the rest of the world was vanquished by intellectual darkness, the Islamic Empire was alive and teeming with knowledge and discovery, creating one of the greatest eras in history….


The Islamic Empire in 30 Days: Prelude

Starting Saturday, people in every country around the world will begin a month-long fast for Ramadan. The holiest month of the year, Ramadan is when Muslims refrain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset and try their best to bring themselves as close to Allah (SWT) as possible. This is not only a time…