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6 Places to Visit if You Love Islamic History

Stunning turquoise hues, intricate Arabic calligraphy, astonishing mosaics inspired by nature–the beauty and depth of Islamic architecture never fails to be awe-inspiring. Though I may fail to be objective as a Muslim when it comes to this topic, I truly believe that the work of Islamic artists and architects are some of the most beautiful…


How Do You Define Home?

“They say, the home is where the heart is. Today, let me show you it can be more than that.” – Abeer Seikaly Yesterday, we published an article about Abeer Seikaly and her determination to use her skills and talent to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees. Today, in this Ted Talk, Abeer Seikaly takes…


Islamic Architecture

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , the Islamic religion was spreading rapidly all across the Middle East and the world. Because of this, there was an increased demand for mosques and spiritual gathering places. The construction of these designated places of worship marked the beginning of the influential architectural creations of the…