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Your Guide To Knowing What Is Really Halal

Halal is an Arabic word that translates to “permissible” in English. When we say or hear the terms “halal food” or “halal fashion,” all it means is what is practically allowed in Islam according to the Quran (holy book of Islam) and the Sunnah (the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.) Beauty: Halal Edition As mentioned…

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Is the Nikkah Basically a Socially Fake Marriage?

By definition, a Nikkah is an Islamic contract between two people consenting to marriage. Growing up in the fast-paced world of America, I realized that there are many difficulties when coming to terms with practicing Islam and trying to “fit in” with the crowd. Having a boyfriend, going out on dates, and having your first…


Does Islam Say Our Parents Are Always Right?

Most children show tantrums when they do not get their way. When we were little, we would stomp and scream for being told “NO” by our parents. Unfortunately, as children transition into adolescence and then adulthood, there are times when they will still react to being told no. Is this a sign of disobedience? According…

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5 ways you can prepare for A Beautiful Hereafter

At the beginning of Ayah 175 in Surah Al-Imran, Allah SWT informs us of his promise: “Every soul shall taste death (3:175).” Our lives on this earth are short. And while there are many things we can predict, death is unpredictable. We strive to experience life to the fullest by completing our goals, traveling as…

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8 Things To Consider While Forming Friendships in College

What constitutes strong friendships? A partner in crime? A person that accompanies you to the movies? A person you share highs and lows with? Friendships include two or more people enjoying time with one another while appreciating the individual they have chosen to cross paths with. The relevance of my prior sentence stems from the…

Featured: Grace Song and Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

Interview: Grace Song Talks About Islam and the Usuli Institute

On Building a Society of Light What is the hallmark of a great civilization? Is it the amount of land they own or the number of people that society has? Is it the things they create and share, or is it a society of light where everyone is united by common goals, values, and respect…

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5 Islamic Programs for Women To Boost Their Iman

Are you a woman who wants to increase your knowledge of Islam? Are you curious about the different courses that are available? If so, then this article is for you. Here we outline some of the best Islamic programs out there and explain why they are great options for Muslim women to boost their Iman…

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We Need To Make Space for Muslim Women in Academia

The mainstream academia (both Islamic and beyond), which also comprises of various narratives and “facts,” stem from the viewpoints of the dominant and the powerful men. All that women need is inclusion and equity. While men belonging to a certain status are the majority in most academic spaces and have created a notion of “default”…

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Allah’s (Swt) Miracle: The Wonders of a Honeybee

Bees. Tiny insects that produce honey. To most of us, they are just that – an insect that produces honey and will sometimes sting us if we agitate them. But bees, for all their simplicity, are one of Allah’s (SWT) most magnificent and miraculous creations. Honeybees are responsible for at least one-third of the food…

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Are Dogs Really Haram in Islam?

The idea of Muslims owning dogs is constantly met with controversy, with differing opinions based on culture, hadith, and matters of cleanliness. Where do these ideas come from, what can be said in defense of or against these common beliefs, and what ideas can be gained from an Islamic perspective? Here we will look into…


Did You Know That Guardian Angels Are All Around Us?

Resting my head atop my pillow after making wudu (ablution) and reading Ayat al-Kursi, I know the angels are watching over me, fending off shaytaan and asking Allah (SWT) to forgive me for my sins. I know I am not alone. While Allah (SWT) is aware of my location, he has sent the angels to…