An “Islamic” Scholar Wrongly Says Rape Is Permissible

Trigger Warning: Stories of kidnapping and sexual assault My Islam isn’t ISIS’ Islam, and I’m pretty sure yours isn’t, either. A 2016 video is recirculating of an “Islamic” scholar who recklessly claimed that rape with non-Muslims is Islamically appropriate, and it continues to shake the Islamic community who has quickly acted to denounce it. Despite…


No Role Models: Ayan Hirsi & the White Savior Complex

When it comes to Islam, Ayan Hirsi is an important figure, although I don’t think she’s important in the way that she believes she is.  As a so-called “expert” on Islam, by default, her voice is assigned a certain degree of credibility, but let’s be clear–what credentials does she have to support the platform she’s…


Reflecting on ISIS as a Convert: A Brief 101

One of the most difficult things about being a convert to any faith is telling the people in your life about that decision. Personally, I waited a very long time before letting my friends and family know. If I had a time machine, I’d go back and wait even longer. My decision to full on…

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