Featured: Grace Song and Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

Interview: Grace Song Talks About Islam and the Usuli Institute

On Building a Society of Light What is the hallmark of a great civilization? Is it the amount of land they own or the number of people that society has? Is it the things they create and share, or is it a society of light where everyone is united by common goals, values, and respect…


Love Is Blind Star Deepti Vempati Is Pouring Love Into Herself

Muslim Girl sat down with Deepti Vempati from Netflix’s hit reality dating show Love Is Blind, to chat about her new book, internalized misogyny in South Asian communities, the male ego, and more. *This discussion has been edited for conciseness and clarity. Vempati is ready to tell her side of the story as her book, I Choose…


Linda Sarsour Says There’s More Work To Be Done

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to make a choice about where we stand in certain situations. Whether that be political, for a cause we’re passionate about, or for people that we support unconditionally; our choices make us who we are. And for Linda Sarsour, her choices have always been quite clear….


Behind the Cloak: Interview with the Mastermind Behind Qahera

She has all the general trappings of your typical superhero: standing up for the weak and defenseless, she’s always there to save the day. She’s always there when you most need her, and she has some awesome swordsmanship skills. She’s your typical badass crime-fighter. But wait. Qahera’s not like everyone else. Something makes Qahera different:…

The Clique

Designer Misha Nonoo’s Tips for Modest Fashion at NYFW

*We couldn’t edit out the background noise, but we hope you enjoy! I was so excited to speak with designer Misha Nonoo of Nonoo NY at New York Fashion Week as she debuted her Fall 2013 collection. At only 25 years old, the young female designer is a fearless entrepreneur and quickly making a name…


The Interview

THE INTERVIEW The interview is the final hurdle standing in between you and your job. Whether it is in-person, over the phone, or via video chat, the interview may be the first time you are speaking directly to a person who decides whether or not to employ you. Interviews are often the toughest parts of…