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Language Isn’t a Barrier When Love Is Present

“What about kids? Won’t they be confused?” I’ve heard this question various times when I was dating someone outside of my born religion. And my answer was always “No.”  Yes, their cultures were different. He spoke Turkish and English, and she, English. They were raised differently — but also the same. I didn’t need to elaborate…

Thawrih Activewear

This Muslim-Owned Canadian Company Is Reaching New Levels With Their Inclusive Activewear for Muslims and Sikhs

With the rapidly growing industry of inclusive sportswear, it is vital to make sure that all minorities from all parts of the world should be represented and considered in a field so important. This is an issue especially in North America, where these minorities lie within bigger populations that are often represented easily and frequently…


Here’s How To Be A Good Interfaith Ally

On Friday, March 15th, 2019,  a white terrorist walked into a masjid in New Zealand and fifty people were brutally killed. In times like these, we need allies. This terrorist attack caused Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to change New Zealand’s gun laws after approximately 24 hours. Muslims should not be terrified to attend Friday prayers….


Influencing Public Discussions of Islam

“It is not possible to build bridges between people while forgetting God. But the converse is also true: It is not possible to establish true links with God while ignoring other people. Hence, it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions and I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam.”         -Pope Francis Welcoming…