I Refuse to Sacrifice My Happiness for Marriage

I can only speak for myself when I say that the topic of marriage was a constant in my household growing up. I remember being 11-years-old when my cousin was getting married. I overheard a conversation amongst grown-ups discussing who was getting married next. It’s weird to hear your mother saying she wanted to get…


A Letter To My Mom, From Her Independent Daughter

Dear Mom, There is something that I have been meaning to tell you, and here it goes… I understand that we play an important role in each other’s lives, but I feel I can’t be as up front with you about my feelings as you are with me, sometimes. I feel that just because you…


#MGAnon: I Wasn’t Made for Marriage

Welcome to #MuslimGirlAnon, your one-stop spot for all the advice you could need! Every week, we crowd-source the very best advice our #MGClique has to offer about issues plaguing our girl gang. Need some advice? Write to editorial@muslim-girl-2021-production.mystagingwebsite.com, and we may just feature you!  Q: “I am so fed up of all this marriage talk!…

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