What Our Immigrant Parents Gave Up Is Unimaginable

In this op-ed, Omaira, a Canada-based lifestyle blogger and self-proclaimed “HR Evangelist and Mommy” reflects upon life as a brand new immigrant, and the sacrifices our parents make to ensure better opportunities for their children. For more from Omaira, be sure to check out her Instagram page! We moved to Canada some 12 years ago….


We Went Around Asking White People Where They’re REALLY From

Ah, to wake up to a steaming pile of bigotry and racism in the morning. That’s pretty much our everyday with President Trump in office, especially when he’s using his overactive Twitter account to attack four congresswomen of color. Not straying too far from every racist’s manifesto, Trump suggested that anyone who dares to express…


Where Has Trump’s Humanity Gone?

Where has humanity gone? A question that is on most of our minds. When we talk humanity, we think of compassion, helping hands, open arms. As humans, it is our natural instinct to survive. Unfortunately, survival means something different depending on where you live. Imagine finally getting the courage to flee danger, whether it’s a…


Here’s How Refugees Turn Hate Into Love

The Trump administration, and many of its hardcore fans are still enamored with the ridiculous belief that refugees are “taking over.”  While refugees are out here being the living embodiment of sayings like, “be kind to rude people because they need it the most,” and “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that,”…


What Does It Mean to Be the Daughter of Immigrants?

I’m sitting here, contemplating a great many things, as my younger brother commands dusty buttons to take actions of killing villages and children on his game controller. In Urdu, my mother yells and him to turn the volume down, and for me to get up and prepare dinner, as a girl should do. In that…


Dear Donald Trump: You Already Failed

It’s been a year since your inauguration and I’m afraid we haven’t got much to show for it except the anxiety of nearing a nuclear war with North Korea, the destruction of immigrant communities and the government shutdown. That’s just a handful of the countless errors made by the administration this year. Well Mr. President, I’ve…