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Fried Foods During Iftar Are a Match Made in Heaven

For many of us, iftar is incomplete without a fried snack. From hot pakoras, tasty sambusas, spring rolls, samosas, qatayef, murtabak, jilapi (just to name a few) fried foods are hands down the most popular foods for iftar. Making them can be such a communal experience, by managing ingredient preparing, folding pastry, and frying. With…


8 Easy Ramadan Recipes For Iftar And Suhoor

Ramadan is fast approaching which means the preparations are underway! Many families enjoy preparing for Ramadan by prepping Iftar and Suhoor meals. Many Muslims are often confused about how to gain the most nutritional benefits during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, there’s always the dilemma of what to eat to ensure that you are energized…

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Stop What You’re Doing and Bake These Bars for Your Next Iftar Party

About the author: Annum Munir is a Muslim blogger who loves infusing creativity and faith into her artistic and adventurous pursuits. She hopes to inspire you to travel more fully and make ordinary things just a tad bit extraordinary. Ramadan isn’t just the holiest month in Islam, it’s also one of the most social. From…