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This Is Why You Should Be Educated About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a terrible crime and can easily be likened to a form of slavery. It steals life, and the victims are forced to use another human for sex, labor, marriage, organ removal, or service against their will. While we hear a lot of human trafficking in other countries, but human trafficking is pervasive…

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3 Ways You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a silent crime that is forgotten by many. It is estimated that 40.3 million victims worldwide suffer from the trappings of human trafficking. One in every four are children. This is a huge number to remain undetected by the public and seen as a minor problem. The human trafficking facts 2021 will…

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The Muslim Community is Failing Our Rohingya Brothers and Sisters

It’s that time of the year when social media timelines are flooded with pictures and posts of friends sharing important milestones and life-achievements — from graduations to weddings to births. As I click the “like” button or double-tap these special moments, my attention is diverted by flashes of distraught and famished faces of the Rohingya…