Pexels, Kat Smith

This Is Why You Should Be Educated About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a terrible crime and can easily be likened to a form of slavery. It steals life, and the victims are forced to use another human for sex, labor, marriage, organ removal, or service against their will. While we hear a lot of human trafficking in other countries, but human trafficking is pervasive…


Here’s Why Airbnb Removing Its Listings from the West Bank Isn’t “Jew Hatred”

Recently, Airbnb announced its removal of listings of properties in Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Although the site lists Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) as separate from Israel, some properties in Efrat, Ma’ale Rehavam and Tekou are listed in Israel itself. These properties are beyond the “green line.” The 1949 Armistice Agreement between…