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How to Avoid Spiritual Bypassing During Grief-Filled Holidays

Holidays oftentimes mean you’re going to have many gatherings, whether they’re with your family or friends — and if you’re someone who’s trying to manage your grief, the holiday season can sound like a nightmare.  Many Muslims in our community tend to suppress their grief during social gatherings, and start engaging in spiritual bypassing so…

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Here’s How Muslim Women Prepare for Traveling

Ready for the holiday season? With exams coming to an end, traveling is surely an option for those of us who want to have a fun break! But if you’re a Muslim revert, for example, chances are you still don’t know how you can prepare for traveling.  No worries! We asked Muslim women how they…


Has Celebrating Christmas Become Secular?

Break out the hot cocoa, and the fairy lights, peeps, because we are going FULL-ON this festive season! There is nothing the #MuslimGirlClique loves more than to breathe-in the magical ambiance that inevitably accompanies the winter season, even though the observance of these traditions is always accompanied by a certain degree of ambivalence and uncertainty…