The Dark World of Fast Fashion

Do you ever notice how as a trend gets bigger, retailers often have massive amounts of clothing from said trend supplied to their stores very quickly? Of course, that’s how business works — people want, people get, and at lower prices than the competing store. Suddenly, the trend is gone, and the clothing slowly disappears…


Does H&M’s Modest Fashion Line Hit the Mark?

Earlier in May, H&M became the latest brand to try its hand at appealing to Muslim women with its launch of a modest fashion line – but their attempt misses the mark, and shows the company failed to grasp what Muslim women really want. The H&M Ltd. collection is replete with sheer sleeves, transparent blouses and…

Photo credit: Half United, Instagram, @halfunited

Giving Back is the New Black: Check Out These Brands That Look Good & Do Good!

Photo credit: Half United, Instagram, @halfunited The fashion industry is a busy one, with trends changing faster than the seasons, and the latest and greatest up hitting both the runways and your Instagram feed. Love it or hate it, fashion has a way of tangling you up into the web it weaves (or sweater it knits)….