The Quick & Sophisticated “Hana Hijab”

Hana Tajima-Simpson of StyleCovered has a very sophisticated and high-fashion style, and she especially reflects that style when it comes to her hijab. In this video, she shows us how to wrap her signature asymmetrical style in a very quick and easy way.


Trendy Hijabi Wallpapers

The cool kids over at StyleIslam have put together a package of gorgeous desktop backgrounds featuring vectors of young muslim women wearing the hijab. There are seven different wallpapers, and each one displays a Muslimah with a unique style or appearance. Personally, when I saw these wallpapers, I felt so inspired by them and reminded…


Hijab? It Protects the Valuable

When I first started wearing hijab full-time, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I constantly wondered why we had to wear hijab in the first place – after all, I would think to myself, it’s just hair. Wouldn’t it have been more prudent (astughfirullah) to command women to cover their faces, instead? I…