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Your Guide To Knowing What Is Really Halal

Halal is an Arabic word that translates to “permissible” in English. When we say or hear the terms “halal food” or “halal fashion,” all it means is what is practically allowed in Islam according to the Quran (holy book of Islam) and the Sunnah (the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.) Beauty: Halal Edition As mentioned…

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Why Do Muslims Use the Word ‘Haram’ So Liberally?

The Arabic word haram which means “forbidden” or “unlawful”, is used too loosely amongst Muslims. It is frequently used as a catch-all term for things that are disliked or questionable, but it’s important to remember that there are actually not many things that Allah (SWT) has forbidden. In this article, we will explore why we…

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Are Dogs Really Haram in Islam?

The idea of Muslims owning dogs is constantly met with controversy, with differing opinions based on culture, hadith, and matters of cleanliness. Where do these ideas come from, what can be said in defense of or against these common beliefs, and what ideas can be gained from an Islamic perspective? Here we will look into…


These 14 “Muslim” Pick-Up Lines Will Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, fam! For those of you without a date (take it easy, haram police, you know it’s happening), we’ve compiled some of the cringiest Muslim pick-up lines to keep you far away from the plethora of heart-shaped chocolates and paraphernalia. At least until tomorrow. Hello, discount candy! These one-liners will make you cry,…


Are Your 3 Favourite Foods Even Halal?

You’re sitting down, enjoying your day with your phone in hand, when that all-too-familiar notification pops up. Perhaps it’s from the family group chat, your mum, or that one auntie who’s always sharing forwards from every corner of the internet; you already know what it is. A blurry picture with Comic Sans font, warning you…


There Is a Muslim Way to Travel and It’s Not What You Think

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Muslim travel’? Do pilgrims clad in white robes and black abayas circling the Holy Kaaba come to mind? Do images of juicy lamb shawarmas and tandoori chicken make your mouth water? Do you picture your favorite hijabi influencer modeling a trendy outfit in the desert…

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#MGAnon: I Kissed a Guy, and I Liked It

Welcome to #MuslimGirlAnon, your one-stop spot for all the advice you could need! Every week, we crowd-source the very best advice our #MGClique has to offer about issues plaguing our girl gang. Need some advice? Write to editorial@muslim-girl-2021-production.mystagingwebsite.com, and we may just feature you!  Q: “Dear MG, I kissed a guy and it was my…


The Top 10 Cringiest Halal Pick-Up Lines We’ve Ever Seen

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the only thing more divisive amongst our ummah than the celebration of this day of love is whether tomorrow is Eid or not. Having said that, haram police, you guys can relax because we aren’t here to discuss the halal/haram quotient of celebrating Valentine’s Day (y’all can do that amongst yourselves…


Halaloween or Halloween? What do you think?

The day has arrived again. Halloween—known for its pumpkins, costumes, and of course, candies. But are candies and costumes all there is to Halloween? While many Muslims are getting ready to head out trick or treating with their little ones, there are others who are spending the night at home or at the masjid. Today, Muslims are…