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The Top 10 Most Relatable Moods From Amani’s #HalalFirstDates Series

In case you missed it, Muslim Girl’s Founder Amani made a #HalalFirstDates Series with Muzmatch. After watching the series, you’re either going to come away with a lot of useful takeaways about dating — or a lot of material for memes. And, if you’re anything like me, then it’s absolutely the latter! (Because memes are…

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10 Qualities To Look For in Your Future Spouse

Love at first sight? Pause for a second. When catching feelings, make sure you don’t rush so that you get to know if that person has the qualities that would make them a good future spouse for you or not. Here are the top 10 qualities you should look for in your future spouse. Dating…

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Why I’m Tired of Dating Ramy

Earlier this year, Hulu dropped the second season of the comedy-drama Ramy. In Season One, we’re introduced to Ramy Hassan, a first-generation American-Egyptian Millennial in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Throughout the show, we watch Ramy struggle to figure out if he’s just “culturally Muslim” or if he actually wants to be a prays-five-times-a-day…

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#MGAnon: I Kissed a Guy, and I Liked It

Welcome to #MuslimGirlAnon, your one-stop spot for all the advice you could need! Every week, we crowd-source the very best advice our #MGClique has to offer about issues plaguing our girl gang. Need some advice? Write to, and we may just feature you!  Q: “Dear MG, I kissed a guy and it was my…


Is Dating as a Muslim Ever Okay?

“If people realize that dating is simply a normal thing that has been around for centuries everywhere, that you don’t need to learn it from movies, then people start to see it as something independent of physical [acts]. Physical relations are simply a choice.” -Taimur Ali, senior at Georgetown University’s Qatar campus I would have to agree with…