Unsplash, Levi Meir Clancy

The Survivor’s Guilt of Muslim Immigrants In Diaspora

An image can trigger the survivor’s guilt; it also can be a video, a sound, or even a person. Just like the trauma is not a uniform experience, what triggers trauma is different for everyone as well. Survivor’s guilt is a psychological phenomenon that affects people who have survived a life-threatening event. A person who…


How to Overcome Feelings of Shame

Have shame — the more shame you experience, the less likely you are to sin. Shame will stop you from sinning, because nobody wants to experience that feeling. A person without shame will destroy their lives. In some ways, those messages are accurate. Shame is a horrible feeling; it shows up as a pit in…


How Do You Untangle the Web of Shame?

Author’s note: Shame work can be complicated and is often not attached to our own mistakes, but the errors of others, especially if the legacy of trauma or avoidance has been passed from generation to generation. In the event that you are struggling with understanding how and why it arises in your life, or you…