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Muslim-Majority Countries Need to Speak Up About the Uyghur Crisis

“I WASH MY HANDS OF THIS,” echoed the silence of the Muslim countries on avoiding the Uyghur crisis. Certain Muslim-majority countries have opted to for silence as mass atrocities against Muslim populations rises. Through the lens of the Uyghur crisis, this analysis aims to uncover the facade of “Muslim countries” existing in the twenty-first century. …


What Are You Doing About the Genocide of Uyghur Muslims?

The Muslim world is bleeding. Bleeding with no one by their side. Bleeding with continuous stabs digging further down their back. Bleeding to bleach humanity red. Bleeding uncontrollably that the last drop will be the world’s turning point.  You may be asking why I’m invoking this imagery; what’s happening? Let’s start with the holocaust of…


The Armenian Genocide Is Not a Past Event, It Is an Ongoing Struggle

A statement was released by leading Muslim-American organizations denying the Armenian Genocide. In response, Muslim Girl and The Hye-Phen Magazine lead a coalition effort to stand with Armenians in their struggle for justice that was met with overwhelming support in the community. This is a conversation between Sophia Armen and Banah Ghadbian in honor of…

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How the World Forgot the Rohingya Genocide

In the December of 2016, I gave my first competitive speech on the Rohingya Muslims, a people I had only found out about myself 30 minutes before. As I stood there, informing a singular judge about the brutalization of an entire ethnic group, I was horrified at my own apathy. Why was I only just…


Is China Actively Committing Genocide Against Chinese Muslims?

The Province of Xinjiang in China (an area half the size of India) is home to an estimated 22 million people belonging to various ethnic minorities. The largest of those ethnic minorities are the Uyghurs, which is a Turkic ethnic minority that is recognized generally as a Muslim minority, that makes up around eight million…