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8 Things To Consider While Forming Friendships in College

What constitutes strong friendships? A partner in crime? A person that accompanies you to the movies? A person you share highs and lows with? Friendships include two or more people enjoying time with one another while appreciating the individual they have chosen to cross paths with. The relevance of my prior sentence stems from the…


What to Do When People Keep Letting You Down

Navigating relationships — so be it family, friendships, or romantic relationships — can be one of the most difficult parts of life. In this video, Dr. Omar Suleiman discusses stories and analogies from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the sahaba, and what we can take from these stories to understand how to cope with betrayal,…


Why I Chose to Stay Friends With a Trump Supporter

A worldwide pandemic, an American election causing so much rage, and racial issues in an uproar. As if that wasn’t enough for the world to handle, relationships were also put to the test. Friendships were on the line because it wasn’t just politics coming in between people. It was values and morals. It was a…

Get with a community My squad--where oh where would I be without them? I'm blessed with my Muslim Girl family, but also with the best of friends who keep my deen in check.  I have a few friends who make me a better Muslim just by being in their presence, and anytime I feel like I need to up my spirituality, I know they are a text, phone call, or coffee date away. When you can’t pray, keep those folks extra close.

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6 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Humans are extremely social beings. We thrive off interactions, friendships, and relationships, and gain most of our energy from those brief interactions. Unfortunately, more often than not, our little circle of friends — or the people we associate with — turn out to be toxic in more ways than one. And we tend to miss…


5 Ways to Survive a Best Friend Break-Up

You did it! You found your best friend. Within the first few moments of getting to know each other, you knew your friendship was going to last forever. You connect with each other and resonate on a frequency that only a few may ever reach. You know what makes them laugh. They know what makes…