Here’s How I Found My Way to Feminism

Feminism (noun): the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. When I first learned the definition of feminism a few years ago, I hastened to label myself a feminist, because stating otherwise just didn’t make sense. As a young woman, I felt that not striving for gender equality was not only…


The Fallacy of an Anti-Feminist Islam

As with so many discussions on the state of Islam, the question of whether Islam is a feminist religion really boils down to the age-old clash between culture and religion. Anecdotal evidence from the past suggests Islam is a feminist religion, with women taking on roles based on what they felt was required to fulfil…

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I’m a Feminist Who Secretly Loves Being a Homemaker

I’ve never viewed myself as one of “those” feminists, but I always thought of myself as an empowered Muslim woman. I didn’t marry for stability, I married for love. I never felt like I needed to get married to a traditionally “well-off” man that my Pakistani heritage glorified because I always knew that no matter…

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The Art of Protest and Feminine Power

One year after the Women’s March, I am convinced that laying down our swords is the only way we can have real change.  I look around the community and see women paying the ultimate price – their own happiness. I have been a proud woman warrior since day one. When the nurse slapped me, I…


Who Defines Liberation?

Liberation has always been a hot topic. Liberation isn’t an ideal, but a journey; it means to break the inevitable chains of societal norms and to rise above whatever causes one pain or hardship. For Muslim women living in Western society, it is particularly hard to decide where to turn when the question of liberation…