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How Islam Led Me to Reject Toxic Masculinity and Realize My Worth

Editor’s Note: Written by Margaret Johnson. The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. Several years ago, at 35 years old, I converted to Islam. As I began to practice the religion, I unexpectedly felt an awakening of my feminine energy. Growing up in America, I rarely received any encouragement for my femaleness: I…

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The Art of Protest and Feminine Power

One year after the Women’s March, I am convinced that laying down our swords is the only way we can have real change.  I look around the community and see women paying the ultimate price – their own happiness. I have been a proud woman warrior since day one. When the nurse slapped me, I…


Following Bill 62, Women Fight Back With #HandsOffHerNiqab

What happens when a law is passed which dictates what a woman can and cannot wear in public and infringes a charter-given right? We follow the motto “Sisters before misters.”  Bill 62 isolates and immobilizes Canadian Muslim women who choose to observe the Niqab. The bill will embolden racists, and so-called “patriots,” to use this…


MG Bookshelf: Faithfully Feminist

“Religion and my gender are my two primary identities, the most significant lenses through which I see the world.” – Rachel Lieberman Every book marks the beginning of a journey for a reader. Some journeys are long, some are short, and some are so profound that it’s questionable if they ever happened at all. My…


This is How the Captain Marvel Movie Can Change Everything

In October of this year Marvel Studios took the super hero movie phenomenon and pumped it up to about a million percent of awesome, blowing competitors like DC Comics completely out of the water. Marvel announced a series of 9 upcoming films that will keep comic fans entertained until the year 2019. Along with ‘Black…


A Muslim Brother Takes On Society’s Beauty Standards

Muslims have been taking the spoken word poetry community by a storm. From politics to religion to love, Muslim youth have been creating a name for themselves with their powerful performances that seek to shed light on society’s ills and beauties. A young brother named Shahroz decided to take a stand against every girl and…

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Skinny Jeans: The Female Body and Space

The topic of female modesty has been beaten to a pulp in Islamic forums, scholarly circles, and within the confines of our own homes, often in the form of a parental scolding. It’s a sensitive topic for many of us. Our brothers and sisters are often well-intended, but alas, we do not exist in a…

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A Minute

a minute i learned to make chai before i learned to make sentences thats why i write in poetry so i don’t have to write in sentences eyes shy check scarf on check but hands still shake as i hand over the rickety tea cup to the mustached man, gaps in between his teeth pouring…


What If Men and Beards Were Treated Like Women and Hijab?

We have a new favorite Facebook page. A Man’s Hijab is a parody of what we Muslim women have to put up with everyday. You know what we’re talking about: the constant messages of the “haram” and “halal” way for women to dress, the devaluation of women that don’t wear a headscarf, the objectification of…


Behind the Cloak: Interview with the Mastermind Behind Qahera

She has all the general trappings of your typical superhero: standing up for the weak and defenseless, she’s always there to save the day. She’s always there when you most need her, and she has some awesome swordsmanship skills. She’s your typical badass crime-fighter. But wait. Qahera’s not like everyone else. Something makes Qahera different:…


Women Can Go to the Mosque, Too

I’m really tired of the “only men should attend prayer at mosques” mentality. Just because women don’t have to go doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t, or that Muslims can discourage them from going. Women were given the privilege of being equally rewarded for going or not going to the mosque in order to empower their…


“The Savior Game” — A Poem

Who told you That you could speak for me? After all, your tongue Can’t even move smoothly Over the sounds and letters Of my name, Who told you That you could pitch Imaginary bars around me, Looming high, Turn me into a false prisoner And have ignorance comply To be the watch guard, That you…