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Privilege, Power, and Patriarchy: An Anthropological Review of Feminist Discourse

“What does freedom mean if we accept the fundamental premise that humans are social beings, raised in certain social and historical contexts and belonging to particular communities that shape their desires and understandings of the world?”  — Lila Abu Lughod, Do Muslim Women Need Saving?  The complicated relationship between feminism and anthropology is eloquently described by…

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Why White Feminism Is Problematic For Muslim Women

There have been several incidents globally in which female athletes have been pushing back against their mandatory team uniforms. One of the more notorious incidents that sparked worldwide media attention was that of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team. The European Handball Federation fined these women €1500 for resisting the typical uniform of bikini bottoms…

A woman wearing a headscarf joins a demonstration organised by "Stand up to Racism" outside the French Embassy in London on August 26, 2016 against the Burkini ban on French beaches. France's highest administrative court on Friday suspended a controversial ban on the burkini by a French Riviera town after it was challenged by rights groups. In a judgement expected to lead to bans being overturned in around 30 towns, the State Council ruled the measure was a "serious and clearly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms". Several mayors in southeast France on Friday said they would maintain their bans on the Islamic burkini swimsuit despite a ruling by France's highest administrative court to suspend the measures. / AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS

Why I Fled France as a Muslim Woman

It has already been almost two years since I left France, and this is was the best choice I have ever made as a Muslim woman. When I look back, it is as if I fled.  I currently reside in the United States, in San Francisco, California. I was born and raised in Lille, France,…


Why the Clintons’ New TV Series About the YPJ Is Problematic

On January 25th, news broke that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and Sundog Pictures founder Sam Branson were to adapt author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice and make it a TV series. The Daughters of Kobani features the story of the…


Prophet Mohammad Would Have Seriously Hated Men’s Rights Activists

It’s the late 1920s — women are well-serving housewives, and men are powerhouse executives sacrificing their time and energy for the betterment of humankind. Oh heavens, thank God for their selflessness. That is exactly how Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) envision our world. In a series of tightly-secured events and private parties, the voices for mens’…


Here’s How I Found My Way to Feminism

Feminism (noun): the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. When I first learned the definition of feminism a few years ago, I hastened to label myself a feminist, because stating otherwise just didn’t make sense. As a young woman, I felt that not striving for gender equality was not only…


Here’s How We Are Redefining the F-Word

“But how can someone be both a Muslim, and a feminist?” I remember this question being posed to me, seemingly ill-fitting during the course of a job interview. Sure, I’d brought it up – I thought it was important to mention these two labels when talking about the intersectionality of my identity, and how it…


What Feminism Means to Me

Feminism is light coming to confront the darkness.   It is a coming of change and a warning to those who are not willing to let this change build a new world.   Feminism is art and action, history and future.   Feminism is present. A gift built to new heights with the fire of…


Ahed Tamimi: A Face Among Many

Around 2012, a video of a young, blonde, curly-haired girl went viral on the internet, sparking international interest in the ongoing occupation of Palestinians by the Israeli military. The girl raised her fist at a fully-equipped soldier, kicking and slapping him in the face while trying to protect her home and family. Her name: Ahed…

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I’m a Feminist Who Secretly Loves Being a Homemaker

I’ve never viewed myself as one of “those” feminists, but I always thought of myself as an empowered Muslim woman. I didn’t marry for stability, I married for love. I never felt like I needed to get married to a traditionally “well-off” man that my Pakistani heritage glorified because I always knew that no matter…