Henna: An Ode To Islamic Tradition

The art of henna, or mehndi, has been a widely practiced Islamic tradition in parts of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East for over 5,000 years. While we are accustomed to see henna designs on brides, it actually has great Islamic significance. Additionally, both men and women can use henna because of its health…

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MG Cartoon: Hobby Lobby’s Religious Dilemma

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations were people capable of exercising religion. This ruling came about when Hobby Lobby argued that its Christian beliefs were being violated by the Affordable Care Act, which covers contraceptives in its insurance plans. The Court sought to remedy this grave injustice by establishing that a…


Hijab, Criticism, and the Burden of Public Expectations

There is an unfair gender distribution within the American Muslim community. The burden of representing the entire American Muslim community has been hoisted on hijabis, or women who chose to wear hijab, the Islamic head covering. While we as covered Muslim women fight to convince the American public that the hijab is our choice, the…


Converts Crossing the Gap of Misunderstanding

A Christian Student in the UK. A Muslim Teacher in Italy. What could possibly unite these two people? Well, they both happen to be snapshots of my own life. My past and present. I was raised as a Christian in the UK and converted to Islam just over two years ago while living in Italy….


Behind the Cloak: Interview with the Mastermind Behind Qahera

She has all the general trappings of your typical superhero: standing up for the weak and defenseless, she’s always there to save the day. She’s always there when you most need her, and she has some awesome swordsmanship skills. She’s your typical badass crime-fighter. But wait. Qahera’s not like everyone else. Something makes Qahera different:…


Hijabi Fashion Essential: Black Maxi Skirt

We all have that one huge essential in our closet, whether it’s a bag, scarf, or dress. Mine is a simple black maxi skirt. I don’t know what I’d do without it — I wear it so many different ways! So I thought, what’s a better way to show you all how I styled it…


How to Deal with Common Period Problems

*WARNING: This article contains information that may be sensitive, and might not be suitable for some readers. MuslimGirl believes it is important not to shy away from such topics, and discusses them openly in hopes of providing knowledge and inciting further research. Zaynab’s* period is 5 days long and comes every 28 days. She gets…


The Speed Sisters: Women Bringing Palestine to the Racetrack

We so often hear about the firsts in every sport, but the Speed Sisters are little known to even us Palestine advocates. The Speed Sisters are the first all-women Palestinian automobile racing team of both Muslims and Christians, who formed in 2009 when the British Consulate in Jerusalem funded a race car for them. They…


Conquering Adversity: Adriana Contreras

Born in Colombia and educated in the states, Adriana Contreras just finished her last year at Oklahoma University. When she arrived in the United States, she took English courses to help with the language barrier. It was then and there that she met Muslims in her class. One day they began talking about religion and…