Here’s How to Keep Your Winter Wardrobe Poppin’

The leaves are falling, and crunching under your feet. The weather is cooling down, and pumpkin spice lattes are a thing again. Yes, it’s time for fall, quickly followed by winter, and we have some major inspo for your wardrobe. From oversized coats (no, not Kanye-style) to major boho-chic vibes, this season has so many…


Not Sure What to Wear On Eid? We Got You

Yes, it’s true. Eid is only a couple days away. You simultaneously feel rejuvenated and exhausted. Your Mom has invited half of the town over for Eid-Ul-Fitr. There will be family and guests to greet, and iced coffee to drink in the morning.  There is plenty of excitement, and yet you feel nervous. What are you…


5 Must Have Summer Fashion Trends

I know spring is just rolling in, but we’re already hype for summer afternoons, beach vibes, travel, and, most of all, that perfect summer wardrobe.  So, get ready for some therapeutic shopping in preparation! Stores are quickly stocking brand new summer patterns, styles and materials; pieces have their own style and flair, bright colors, radiant complements, and…


#TheList: Best Looks From November’s End

#TheList includes some of our favorite looks, for some major style inspo. Here’s a roundup of the best modest fashion looks for the last days of November: 1) @hautehijab  This plum monochrome look by @hautehijab is what fall outfit dreams are made of! 2) @zaraazii There’s no “no pastel after Labor Day” rule according to @zaraazii 3) @feeeeya @feeeeya looking absolutely…


#TheList: Week of November 5

#TheList includes some of our favorite looks of the week, for some major style inspo. 1) Beautiful wedding pics, the @qis_mo way. Big congratulations to Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir! 2) Business in the front party in the back ft. @asma.nasa. 3) Major heart eyes for @feeeeya‘s ultra-lush magazine shoot. 4) Swoonin’ @theyusufs pairing denim jackets with vintage…


Following Bill 62, Women Fight Back With #HandsOffHerNiqab

What happens when a law is passed which dictates what a woman can and cannot wear in public and infringes a charter-given right? We follow the motto “Sisters before misters.”  Bill 62 isolates and immobilizes Canadian Muslim women who choose to observe the Niqab. The bill will embolden racists, and so-called “patriots,” to use this…


5 Steps to Boost Your Skin Care Routine

My philosophy when it comes to skin care is “less is more.” Partially, because I’m a broke pharmacy student, but also because investing in a few proven products will keep your skin and your bank account happy. And it doesn’t need to be complicated – just thorough and consistent. Here is a list of some…


10 Stores for Your Summer Hijab Needs

It’s hot, ya’ll! Climate change is no joke (looking at you, 45). Unless you are in Antarctica, you are feeling the summer heat by now. While dressing modestly and wearing hijab is such a blessing, it can sure feel like a curse when temperatures soar over 80 degrees. Choosing light fabrics and wrapping your scarf loosely…


Nike to Release Sports Hijab in Spring of 2018

Within the past year, we witnessed Ibtihaj Muhammad become the first American hijabi to compete in the Olympics, we watched Saudi Arabia’s empowering Nike ad and we watched as Islamic clothing rapidly rose in the fashion industry. As an increasing number of companies realize the potential of tapping into this largely unexplored market, they’re aiming to…


Impact-Aid: Empowering Women Through Fashion

Fashion has been a means of expression since its dawn, used in many ways to unite or separate. Fashion can also be a means of empowerment and inspiration. With this in mind, the founders of the non-profit organization, Impact-Aid, initiated a project that uses fashion to unite and empower. In a previous article, Muslim Girl…

Kimonos are a great choice for a hot summer day. They're a fashionable way to bring a modest pop of color to any outfit. They're also available in a wide range of colors and textures, so you can find the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Photo credit: justtrendygirls.com

7 Modest Fashion Trends to Keep You Stylish for Summer

Dressing modestly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style. If you mix fashion and modesty together, you can end up with a masterpiece of an outfit. Instead of regarding hijab as a hurdle to being stylish, think of it as an extension of your outfit. Here are a few of our favorite trends right now…

Photo credit: Manaal Al Hammadi, Instagram

It’s Lit: Solar Powered Abayas Are a Real Thing

Abayas have come a long way, like seriously. Back in my day (do I sound like my mom yet?!), at my Islamic school, we had to wear these ugly red Harry Potter looking cloak things.  They were heavy, uncomfortable and just plain ugly. Cue the modesty movement.  Now cute brands like Modeste have become somewhat trendy,…

I love the idea that even as adults, we can still dress up like the princesses we used to emulate as children. The only difference is that now we are chic, butt-kicking warriors that can do it all, and still look fabulous. For this outfit, I wanted to combine some whimsy with a bit of sophistication to create a fun evening look.

How To Dress Like a Princess