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Mia Khalifa Talks Being Groomed for Sexual Exploitation

A month ago, content subscription service OnlyFans announced they were banning all sexually explicit content across their platform. However, these plans were axed after millions spoke out, threatening to boycott the site. Leading up to and in the midst of this, several current/former adult actresses spoke out against those who had sexually manipulated them. The…


The Speed Sisters: Women Bringing Palestine to the Racetrack

We so often hear about the firsts in every sport, but the Speed Sisters are little known to even us Palestine advocates. The Speed Sisters are the first all-women Palestinian automobile racing team of both Muslims and Christians, who formed in 2009 when the British Consulate in Jerusalem funded a race car for them. They…


“The Savior Game” — A Poem

Who told you That you could speak for me? After all, your tongue Can’t even move smoothly Over the sounds and letters Of my name, Who told you That you could pitch Imaginary bars around me, Looming high, Turn me into a false prisoner And have ignorance comply To be the watch guard, That you…


Badass Muslim Girl

Three years ago, I stood in my backyard clad in a black Abaya, black trench coat, and black Hijab with a pair of aviators while my friend took a few shots with my camera, which would eventually give birth to the Badass Muslim Girl™ meme. I posted the picture of myself on my Facebook. Soon,…

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