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Meet Fadwa Hammoud, the Solicitor General of Michigan

Fadwa Hammoud has been in the public service world for several years now. Immigrating to the United States from Lebanon at age 11, Hammoud lived in Dearborn, Michigan, known for its large Muslim population. Hammoud has served as the leading prosecuting attorney for Wayne County and on the Dearborn School Board. In 2019, Hammoud was…


Impact-Aid: Empowering Women Through Fashion

Fashion has been a means of expression since its dawn, used in many ways to unite or separate. Fashion can also be a means of empowerment and inspiration. With this in mind, the founders of the non-profit organization, Impact-Aid, initiated a project that uses fashion to unite and empower. In a previous article, Muslim Girl…


Meet the Inspiring Women Behind Impact-Aid.org, and Learn How You Can Give Back

Muslim Girl recently interviewed Lisa Jaradat and Sam Shareef, the two powerhouse women behind the organization Impact-Aid, and we are thoroughly impressed and inspired. *snaps for Lisa and Sam* Impact, which stands for International Movement Promoting Active Change for Tomorrow, is an organization actively working towards improving the lives of those affected by war, poverty,…