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Watch: How to Pray Eid Prayer at Home

Eid Mubarak! 💜🥳✨ May Allah accept our month of Ramadan from us. If you’re not able to go to the masjid due to COVID restrictions or other reasons, you can still pray the Eid prayer and inshallah, gain its blessings. Watch the quick video above to learn how to pray Eid prayer at home. Eid…


Here’s How to Perform Eid Prayer at Home

This article was published on Muslim on 5/24/2020, and has been republished with permission of Muslim. Watch the video above, or read on below to find out how to perform your Eid prayers at home. After a month of quarantined fasting, Eid-al-Fitr is upon us! Eid-al-Fitr falls on the first of Shawwal (the tenth month of…