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We Need to Make Muslim Spaces More Inclusive of LGBTQ+ Muslims

Trigger warning: this post includes mention of suicide and violence. When Sarah Hegazi was imprisoned, tortured, and eventually exiled from Egypt because she raised the LGBTQ pride flag at a concert in 2017, her courage sparked controversy and inspired many. Hegazi is one of the reasons I dared to take rainbow LGBTQ+ gear while visiting…


Here’s Why Rape Culture Is a Problem in Egypt

Content warning: This post discusses violence against women, to include rape culture, sexual assault, rape, and street harassment. Women across social media have been coming forward about their sexual assault cases and exposing their harassers, and Egyptian women decided to finally speak out as well. This year has been full of surprises and unexpected events….


Sarah Hegazi’s Life and Death Is a Reminder That the Muslim Community Must Do Better in Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Trigger warning: This article discusses death by suicide, gun violence, and mass murder, and the discrimination and oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. It should be noted that this article is in no way meant to substitute for medical or mental health advice from a trained and educated mental health professional. Muslim Girl encourages those who need…


Mohamed Morsi’s Death Paints a Grim Picture of Egypt

On June 17th, 2019, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi, died.  Or rather, was murdered.   Mohammad Morsi took office as Egypt’s elected president in 2012, following the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak. When Morsi took power, Egypt had been in dire need for justice and democracy. Morsi’s democratic election proved hopeful. Despite that,…


Was Someone Really Expelled Over a Hug in Egypt?

Patriarchy always puts women at fault, and gives men a pass. This story is no different. A female student was ordered to be expelled permanently for a hug after a proposal from a suitor. The male is also a student, and even though the hug was clearly mutual, he did not suffer a permanent reprimand as his partner…


We Need to Talk About the Attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians

A man slumped over the steering wheel. Two disfigured and bloodied bodies lay behind him, impaled with shards from a bloody, unhinged door. This is the devastating site of an attack on Egypt’s Coptic community. Two buses were ambushed by militia men on motorcycles shooting from all sides. While one of the buses escaped without…


Hollywood Decides Gods of Egypt Were Just White Dudes

I was convinced that the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings was going to be the most offensive Egyptian based story interpretation to come out of Hollywood for the rest of my lifetime. I felt secure in knowing that it couldn’t possibly get worse. In 2016, Lionsgate Entertainment will be releasing a new film, Gods of  Egypt. It just…


Five Years After The Arab Spring: Where Is Egypt Now?

Tahrir Square always drew a crowd but on that day, Tahrir held more people than ever, spilling many onto the surrounding streets, creating traffic — creating history. Their chants were louder than the fireworks; “Egypt is free!” they cried as the colors flickered across their faces. “Hold your heads high, you’re Egyptian!” Many bent over…


16 Things To Know About Cairo

Perhaps due to the 2011 Arab Spring, or because of the general lack of knowledge we have about the Middle East and Muslim dominant counties, Americans seem to get uneasy when they hear about Egypt. So, when I made the decision to vacation in Egypt, I received responses ranging from “Oooh you’re such a rebel,…


On Shaimaa and the Inequality of Egyptian Deaths

I don’t know if this is the right time to publish such a post, or if there’ll ever be a right time, but my thoughts have become too big and too muddled for my head, especially after Saturday’s events, and they’re screaming to get out. If you’re not sure what I am talking about, let…


Rasulullah’s Legacy: The Well of Zam-Zam

The legacy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) does not start from his first revelation that began his prophethood, nor does it start from his birth – but it starts from Ibrahim (Abraham) (AS) and his journey into Egypt. It is with that fated journey with the Will of Allah (SWT) that a man would be born who will change the world.