White School Uniforms While on Your Period Is Every Girl’s Nightmare

The mumbling in the entire bus was the last thing Zarqa wanted to deal with. She was already tired, stressed, and experiencing pain in her body. Her only focus was getting a seat on an overly-crowded bus to relieve her pain and to find comfort from the gazing of men and women alike. On the…

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What’s in a Name? Why Mispronunciation Is Still Colonization

“Why do people even give their kids’ a difficult name when they can go with an easier one?” I overheard the other day. Even though the comment wasn’t directed toward me, I felt triggered. As a Muslim living in the United States with an obvious “foreign” name, I know it’s often seen as difficult. I…


Michelle Obama Launches the ‘Get Her There’ Campaign

Michelle Obama recently launched her new “Get Her There” Campaign in N.Y.C and Muslim Girl had the great honor of attending the event. The campaign will work to advance gender equality, aiming to improve girls’ access to education all over the world and end child marriage. It is a collaboration between three organizations: The Obama…

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We Need to Talk About Muslim Women and Infertility

Infertility is a broad term with a rather simple definition: inability to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. Perhaps in hushed tones, you’ve overheard the phrase being murmured about a family member. Infertility is a diagnosis that is common, affecting 1 out of every 8 women. Yet, it is one of those conditions that…

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Why I Don’t Regret Quitting My Master’s Degree

I spent an entire year after my graduation wishing for this MA, and as soon as I passed my admission exam, I resolved educationism had no place in my life — and so I quit. Back when I was under the influence of educationism, specifically when I first enrolled in my undergraduate degree, my ultimate…


An Open Letter to the British Government, From an A-Level Student

Editor’s note: In this plea to the U.K. government, writer Imaan Asim calls for calm and rational decision making with the betterment of the population in mind. At a time when governments have been scrambling to get organized, forward thinking policies and planning seem to have dissipated into a cloud of unruly panic. It seems…


How Can I Live the Life of My Dreams?

A Muslim female artist is a rarity in and out of her community, let alone one with performance art experience in school for film. As odd as I am as a performance artist, I am even more of a walking contradiction outside of my community. I have always been a proud Lebanese, part Sierra Leonean immigrant. Born…


Here’s Why Educating Our Girls Benefits Everyone

Globally, more than 130 million girls are out of school, meaning they are not being educated. We all have women in our lives that we care about. How would it feel if your loved one was deprived of their rights, including the right to educate themselves, just because they were female? Unfortunately, this is the…


How Toxic Cultural Practices Affect Our Career Choices

“You have to be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer.” Us first or second-generation immigrants hear this on a daily basis when we’re nearing the time in which we embark on our career paths. We feel that, as children of immigrants or as immigrants ourselves, our families sacrifice so much so that we could succeed, be…


The Person who Founded the (first ever!) University was a Muslim Woman

Fatima al-Fihri isn’t a household name, but she should be, because she founded the world’s first University (which, incidentally, is still thriving today). She was born in Tunisia into a wealthy family; her father was a successful businessman. She also had one sister named Mariam (it is unclear if her mother died young). They were…


The Resident Malala

I received this message from a good friend of mine and it put a smile on my face. I mean honestly, you can always put a smile on my face with activism about the girl-child, but even moreso when that activism comes from men. The story of Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old activist fighting for the…


The Story of Bayazid Bustami

A long time ago there was a young boy named Bayazid Bustami. He was born in Persia, an ancient land of plains, mountains and poetry. Being the only son of a poor, widowed mother, he was the light of her eyes and she rested all her hopes for the future on him. She dedicated her…