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Sania Khan’s Murder Is a Reflection of Problematic Cultural Attitudes Towards Divorce

Content warning: This article discusses violence against women and intimate partner violence, as well as spiritual abuse. If you are being abused or neglected, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit their website; please keep in mind that many abusers monitor web usage, and access resources as safely as you can. …

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What Happens When A Muslim Husband Shoots and Kills His Family In Texas?

Content warning: Domestic violence, child abuse, and violence against women. If you’re being abused, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit their website for help; please keep in mind that many abusers monitor web usage, and access resources as safely as you can. In one of the latest incident of domestic violence that took…

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Here’s What’s Wrong With Saying “Muslim Men Are Trash”

The phrase “Men are trash” is everywhere, and Muslim men are subjected to it, too. It’s been uttered by that friend of yours who just got dumped by her ex-favorite person, or even an uneducated non-Muslim that just decided to buy into this narrative. When it comes to the idea of saying that “Muslim men…

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Violence Against Women Needs to End, Now

Don’t stay out too late. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t have headphones in when you’re jogging. Watch your drink at all times. Don’t drink too much. Carry pepper spray or a pocket knife. Lock your car doors. Don’t get on elevators alone. Travel in groups. Share your location with a friend. Watch what you…


Poem: Litany of Women They Have Killed

Content warning: This video features graphic depictions of domestic violence, sexual assault, gender-based violence, and bad language. In this video, inspired by slain social media star and activist Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani-American slam poet Emaan Majed tackles gender-based violence.


Mama, Thank You for Protecting Me the Only Way You Knew How

Trigger warning:  This story contains references and descriptions of domestic violence. I remember the moment I found out about my mom’s previous marriage before my biological father. I had just been cheated on by my boyfriend at the time, and she sat me down on our couch and told me about her first arranged marriage…


I Can’t Fix My Marriage and It’s Not My Fault

Trigger warning:  This article contains descriptors of domestic violence. Divorce sucks. No one gets married thinking they are going to get divorced. When you are picking out your wedding outfits, and getting frustrated by the annoying WhatsApp back and forth for color swatches, you are thinking about how each part of your wedding is laying down…


Mistaking a Woman’s Trauma as Bitterness

It’s been nineteen years since I witnessed the first physical altercation between a man and a woman. Mom and my brother’s dad. Fifteen years since I saw my brother choke one of Mom’s temporary husbands because of yet another domestic dispute. Five years since I, myself, was incarcerated for domestic violence because that boy I…


“Marriage is a Mosque”: A Poem on Domestic Violence

Trigger warning: abuse. This is a poem I wrote about a year ago about my observations in my own South Asian/Mauritian Muslim community, about how domestic violence remains a taboo subject — something people and even (or maybe especially) religious leaders remain uneducated about and quick to think can be solved by mere patience/sabr/prayers from…