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UK School Apologizes After Students Are Forced to Pray Outside

Oldham Academy North in the United Kingdom has apologized after a video of a group of students forced to pray outside their school went viral on social media. The video shows a group of about eight young schoolboys praying Jummah prayers on the concrete in the cold and rainy weather. Oldham Academy North, a prestigious…

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Cultural Humility: Why We Should End Cultural Competence in the West

In western societies, instead of tapping into practicing cultural humility, the mainstream makes negative assumptions about, and even criminalize, Muslim women who wear burkas and veils. The catch is that with the prevailing norm is that people don’t try to take cultural differences as opportunities for them to learn and grow. Instead, they start to…

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Fashion Shows & Headscarves: What’s Your Stance?

Paris Fashion Week recently made headlines after seeing models wore headscarves on the catwalk. There are nearly 30 million Muslims living in Western societies, and ironically, we still need representation so that we can get our legitimate freedom to wear what we want without being assaulted, arrested, or forced to undress. We’re living in a…

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Here’s How Reverts Can Face Discrimination When It Comes to Marriage

It’s time we talk about reverts, and how we are often shunned by those who are born into Muslim because we aren’t the “right” ethnicity or from the “right” family when trying to marry. I’m 40, and white. My ex and I met at work 10 years ago. And on my end, it was butterflies…

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Your Guide to Rise & Shine When Your Community Lets You Down

“Medical school isn’t free.”  “If I follow my dreams, will my family be satisfied?”  “I have made many mistakes in my life, can’t make another one.”  “Why can’t I find a good guy at the age of 28?”  “I’m not in love with her. Should I still marry her since everyone is pressuring me?” “Can’t…

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Trials in Post-9/11 Era: Elizabeth Holmes Versus Aafia Siddiqui

In case you missed it, Elizabeth Holmes, the founder, and CEO of Theranos, a now-defunct health technology company, is currently on trial and will be facing a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if found guilty.  Holmes is accused of allegedly deceiving doctors, investors, and patients from 2010 till…


How India’s New Citizenship Law Makes Muslims Second Class Citizens

On the 11th of December, the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)-led Indian government struck a deep blow at the ideals of secularism and egalitarianism that the country was founded on. The Indian Parliament voted in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB), a legislation that seeks to strip millions of Muslim migrants in India of…


#LetNoorRun: This Athlete Was Disqualified Due to Her Hijab

Last week was a rough one as far as the United States Constitution is concerned, as a talented runner’s freedom of religion came under blatant attack. Noor Abu Karam, a 16-year-old athlete from Ohio was devastated to find that she had been disqualified from her 5km race. Noor told BBC that prior to the race,…


#WontBeErased: Transphobia Has No Place Here

Discrimination should have no place in a country where freedom and equality are said to be the core values. These values that we pride ourselves on are often swept under the rug, and are only brought out again for the convenience of the white man. These values have been pushed aside once again with the…


Wrap Battle: Discrimination Against Hijabis Happens in the Muslim Community Too

After reading World Hijab Day’s prompt about “Times I’ve been discriminated against in hijab,” I thought back to the most recent incident. Sadly, one of the last times I’d been discriminated against was at my favorite theme park, Universal Studios Hollywood. Park attendees repeatedly rebuffed me, but ironically would then engage with the people around…


California Bans Government Travel to States Against LGBTQ

“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” -James W. Frick California lawmakers are certainly demonstrating their priorities by voting to restrict funding for travel to the LGBTQ discriminating states of Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina and Kansas. This means taxpayer money will…