Watch: Don’t Kill Your Language

In honor of International Women’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite TED Talks by women. In this gem that’s particularly relevant for immigrants and/or the various diasporas living in the United States, Suzanne Talhouk explains why it’s vital that we love and preserve our mother tongue.


The Armenian Genocide Is Not a Past Event, It Is an Ongoing Struggle

A statement was released by leading Muslim-American organizations denying the Armenian Genocide. In response, Muslim Girl and The Hye-Phen Magazine lead a coalition effort to stand with Armenians in their struggle for justice that was met with overwhelming support in the community. This is a conversation between Sophia Armen and Banah Ghadbian in honor of…


7 Palestinian Chefs That Are Doing It for the Culture

Food. Food. Food. It’s a vital part of culture all around the world. We Palestinians, in particular, simply love our food, and our events always revolve around the beautiful symphony of flavors that make up our cuisine. But food represents so much more than blind consumption. Food is what unites us. It brings us closer to our…