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Why Dems Must End the Filibuster to Stop Voter Suppression

The memory of the Republican party’s claim that the 2020 election results were fraudulent are vivid to most people right now.  The January 6th insurrection seemed to many like as low as the Republicans, white supremacists, xenophobes, and racists were going to sink, but in the wake of the failed coup, they immediately took a…


These 10 Tweets Will See You Through Impeachment Day

Well, it’s happened. After almost three tumultuous years that even the greatest minds in fiction couldn’t dream up, House Democrats have unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Trump. This makes him part of a unique little club — as of today, he becomes only the third President in the history of the United States…


Here’s Why American Politics are Totally Skewed

There’s nothing more American than debating politics. Flip on the T.V., and an angry blonde is defending this supposed “golden age” of the nation, and how political correctness is keeping us from realizing our full potential. Log onto Twitter, and a New York Times journalist you’ve never heard of, but has a little check mark…


Here Are the Top 12 Reasons the Twitterverse is Voting

It’s Election Day, people! That means long lines, heavy caffeine-intake to survive said lines, and a heavy dose of humor required if you’re going to make it through the day with a shred of sanity. And you know that your friends at the MuslimGirl HQ wouldn’t leave you hanging, so here’s a round-up of the…


Mail Bomber Arrested for Attempted Partisan Political Violence

On Friday, authorities arrested Cesar Sayoc in relation to the mailed pipe bombs sent to prominent members of the Democratic Party, as well as vocal critics of the Trump Administration. Although officials refused to disclose what might have motivated him, his social media, court records, and interviews with people who knew him make it glaringly…

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