POEM: The Fabric That Defines Me

This poem is an ode to the headscarf, a fabric that has been heavily policed and debated, yet represents autonomy for many Muslim women. Who am I to you? Terrorist. Oppressed. Confined. Restricted. Hidden. Imprisoned. Controlled. The fabric which envelopes me, a welcome friend, a haven. Unnerves and offends. This barrier restricts myself to you….


What Does Legalizing Weed Mean for Canadian Muslims?

In case you’ve been living under an American-centric rock: recreational weed was legalized across Canada on October 17 (now affectionally and unofficially dubbed “Weed is Legal” Day). When I opened my eyes this past Wednesday morning, I was greeted by a storm of “Happy Legalization” messages from non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Now, I know what…