Sudan’s Revolution: Here’s Why the Fight Isn’t Over

On December 19, 2018, demonstrations broke out all over Sudan. Initially, people were protesting the rising price of bread, an essential food item to many Sudanese, and astronomical increases in living costs. Living under al-Bashir’s rule for nearly three decades, the Sudanese people have been caught between two difficult choices: rise up and fight the…


How Do You Make Peace With Death?

I have found myself contemplating death ever since I returned from Hajj in the summer of 2018. People perform Hajj to fulfill a religious obligation to God, to renew their faith in God, and to experience a sense of community with Muslims around the world. In this sense, Hajj is life-affirming, yet my time in God’s house…


Five Things You Shouldn’t Do When Someone Dies

In our community, we rarely talk about grief or loss. Something important to differentiate is that when it comes to loss, there are usually two things that influence the way we interact with our loss:   The Quran, and the community/cultural traditions. So many people are quick to say that in the Quran it says…

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