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Cultural Humility: Why We Should End Cultural Competence in the West

In western societies, instead of tapping into practicing cultural humility, the mainstream makes negative assumptions about, and even criminalize, Muslim women who wear burkas and veils. The catch is that with the prevailing norm is that people don’t try to take cultural differences as opportunities for them to learn and grow. Instead, they start to…


5 Tips to Overcome Societal Pressure

I believe most of us grew up with the pressure of feeling we needed to be the absolute best at everything: the best at school, sports, extracurricular activities, socializing, or looking our best. And the main objective to excel at everything was to prove our worth to our parents, teachers, friends, relatives, and basically society…


Mama, Thank You for Protecting Me the Only Way You Knew How

Trigger warning:  This story contains references and descriptions of domestic violence. I remember the moment I found out about my mom’s previous marriage before my biological father. I had just been cheated on by my boyfriend at the time, and she sat me down on our couch and told me about her first arranged marriage…