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Your Guide to Rise & Shine When Your Community Lets You Down

“Medical school isn’t free.”  “If I follow my dreams, will my family be satisfied?”  “I have made many mistakes in my life, can’t make another one.”  “Why can’t I find a good guy at the age of 28?”  “I’m not in love with her. Should I still marry her since everyone is pressuring me?” “Can’t…


It’s Time To Talk About Colorism in the Arab Community

This op-ed neither refutes the fact that racism exists in Arab communities, nor claims that all Arabs are racists and/or colorists. Rather, it challenges those who are not interested to know what colorism is, and racialize Arab identity just to claim that they cannot be racists when they are all “Arabs.” I was sitting with…


Bollywood, Isn’t It Time You Got Over Your Colorism?

I have a challenge for you. Google “Bollywood actors and actresses” in one tab. Now open another tab, and type in “Indian people.”  Now I want you to compare the two. The chance that you see a similarity in the complexion of the actors and actresses, and the citizens of India are slim to none….


Here’s Why We’re Over Colorism in 2019

This January, Miss Algeria 2019 crowned their winner, Khadija Ben Hamou, the first black woman to represent and Miss Algeria on the world stage. However, this historic moment of overcoming norms was marred by racism. Soon after her crowning, Hamou became the victim of a global atrocity that persists to this day: Colorism. Since her…


Here’s Why Your Colorism Won’t Define Me

I looked in the mirror. I saw a chocolate-colored girl with thick, two-toned lips, and curls that grew up towards the sun, and were slightly crazy because no one really knew how to look after them. I looked at my mother, a woman the color of milky-coffee, with thin, pink lips, and relaxed hair. She…