Marc Lamont Hill vs CNN: The Hefty Price of Justice

Last week at a UN assembly, on what is known as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, one man showed his support on the most visible political stage. Marc Lamont Hill, activist, journalist, and contributor at CNN openly and passionately criticized the treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of the…


Muslims: A Matter of Perception

I just finished reading a string of comments claiming one after another how the “majority ‘Moderate Muslim’ population” is not doing anything to denounce the radical Muslims which means that they are, in actuality, in agreement with their actions.  It all stemmed from a rather pleasant read from the CNN article which was stating that…


“My Mother’s Daughter”

Recently, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Yvonne Ridley about her conversion to Islam, after her capture by the Taliban.  This fascinating short film about a Muslim daughter and her Christian mother is a must-see. Ridley talks about how Islam’s feminist principles were what first drew her to the religion. The video exhibits the great difficulties she…

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