A flood victim stands amid the damages of his house, following rains and floods during the monsoon season, in Nowshera, Pakistan August 31, 2022. REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz

The Flooding in Pakistan Is an Omen of What’s To Come if We Don’t Stop Climate Change

Since June 2022, Pakistan has been experiencing major flooding in the southern part of the country. By August 2022, a state of emergency was declared due to the growth of the flood across Pakistan. Pakistan, the fifth most populated country in the world, also has the world’s second-largest number of glaciers, behind only the Arctic….


Let’s Talk About Privilege

Let’s not sugar coat things. Privilege is out there, and it sucks.  It sucks if you don’t have it, because you are systematically denied the advantages and opportunities that people with privilege have. And as a result, you have problems that people with that privilege would never have, and most frustratingly, often don’t even have the…


This Is How Islam Advocates for the Environment

We all know that the environmental crisis facing our planet is one of the most urgent issues of our generation, and for the near future. Whales are washing up dead with hundreds of pounds of plastic in their stomachs; rain that is falling from the sky is saturated in micro-plastics; there’s a lack of clean…


What’s the Deal with Climate Change, Sunnah, and Eating Less Meat?

Everyone you talk to in the Muslim community is concerned about climate change, and rightfully so. Climate change has been identified by many as the biggest challenge facing our world right now, and the biggest danger to the survival of humanity.  Islam teaches abundantly about the importance of valuing the natural world. At least 750…