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6 Islamic Responsibilities of Parents

Growing up we all learned about the importance of obeying our parents, whether from our imams at mosques or teachers at Sunday school. We were taught that it is an Islamic obligation to care for them as they age, to speak calmly with them, and to simply follow their instructions. And while it is necessary…


Poem: Nora

Author’s note: This poem is a reflection on the significance of daughters in Islam, and how children are signs of divine love. The poem is named for my own daughter, and is one reason why we named her “Nora.” Her name was chosen as an indicator of Allah’s blessings being showered upon us like a…


Women Are Taking Charge to Make the Workplace More Child-Friendly

Equality in the workplace is an intense work-in-progress. There are endless issues to think about, such as the pay gap, and incessant sexual harassment at work. On the other hand, and on a brighter note, women are making things happen on their own. Today we see both men and women responsible for the care of…


The Must-Have Books for Children This Ramadan

I don’t remember reading any Islamic-themed children’s books when I was a child, let alone any Ramadan-related books. I am so thankful that now there are tons of amazing books for children that are Ramadan and Eid related for parents to read to their kids. To prepare for the upcoming season, I compiled a list of some of…


This Is What Ramadan Is Like Before and After Children

With Ramadan two months away, many people are already preparing to welcome the beautiful and blessed month, whether that’s by meal planning, making up missed fasts from the last Ramadan, or trying to wean themselves off coffee. But for mothers of young children, many are wondering how they will get through the long, hot, summer days…


A Child’s Innocence

This topic came to my mind when I was out with my 8 year-old sister. We had decided to go to the beach one evening just to spend time together. It’s amazing how little kids’ minds seem to work and how easily influenced they become by their surroundings. I was curious to know a few…