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10 Tips For Muslim Women to Land Your Dream Career

Muslim women still face many challenges in the workforce, including attaining their career dreams. While more Muslim women pursue higher education than men, some don’t pursue a career in their field. Many schools and universities make legal advice available to combat inequalities, but many Muslim women may feel cultural or community pressure to stay home…


I Refuse to Sacrifice My Happiness for Marriage

I can only speak for myself when I say that the topic of marriage was a constant in my household growing up. I remember being 11-years-old when my cousin was getting married. I overheard a conversation amongst grown-ups discussing who was getting married next. It’s weird to hear your mother saying she wanted to get…


How Can I Live the Life of My Dreams?

A Muslim female artist is a rarity in and out of her community, let alone one with performance art experience in school for film. As odd as I am as a performance artist, I am even more of a walking contradiction outside of my community. I have always been a proud Lebanese, part Sierra Leonean immigrant. Born…


This Is How to Find Work You Love

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn  You’d be hard pressed to go very long before coming across someone who wonders whether the work they’re doing is truly fulfilling. Whether it truly makes them happy. And yet, there isn’t much advice out there for those of…

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Why Muslim Women Need to Flourish as Career Professionals

As a career-oriented & progressive Pakistani Muslim, I am perhaps considered liberal: defiant of the traditional cultural stigma that comes with not being married and ‘settling down’ in my early to mid-twenties. However, I decided early on that I would never be happy in a relationship until I was satisfied with myself. To me, being…


Women Are Taking Charge to Make the Workplace More Child-Friendly

Equality in the workplace is an intense work-in-progress. There are endless issues to think about, such as the pay gap, and incessant sexual harassment at work. On the other hand, and on a brighter note, women are making things happen on their own. Today we see both men and women responsible for the care of…