Dear Haters: Here’s Why You Should Thank Halima Aden and Her Burkini 

“Women should decide what they want to wear,” is an ambitious statement — not because it faces immense backlash from patriarchal thought, but because it often claims victims among feminists who fail to live up to its absolute demand. Halima Aden decided she wanted to model a burkini and Sports Illustrated decided it was completely appropriate…


Halima Aden: What Does It Take to Go from Refugee to International Icon?

On January 26, 2018, the Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) at Wayne State University (WSU) hosted a program titled, “From Refugee Camp to Runway,” featuring breakthrough model, Halima Aden.   The event was attended by student members of the campus community, eager to learn about how Aden beat all odds on her meteoric rise to…


Here’s What Muslim Women Really Want in Modest Swimwear

Ah, the burkini. We are all very familiar with this word by now. The burkini has become a recognized symbol of modest swimwear associated with Muslim women.  Several towns in France banned them. Burkinis have become more available over the years, but we are now demanding more from our swimming attire — and rightfully so….


Germany Accepts Muslim Refugees, Bans Islamic Burkini at Public Pools

Germany has been at the forefront of international news throughout the past year due mainly to the country’s acceptance of nearly 1 million Syrian refugees, most of which are Arab Muslims. So naturally, it comes as a shock to learn that a country recognized for being so welcoming of Muslims has purposed – and successfully…