The Bold Type Adds A New Queer Muslim Woman Character

The Bold Type: Three fierce women take on New York City together while writing for a global women’s magazine called “Scarlet.” Through their adventures, they explore their sexual identities, the subject of love, and fashion. All this takes place on the Freeform’s relatively new show, The Bold Type. It’s actually based on Cosmopolitan magazine, dealing…


Here’s How to Take Your Winter Neutrals to the Next Level

There’s nothing more head turning than a flash of color on a palette of black or gray. Sure, a black outfit is always easy, and almost always elegant, but black is safe. Fashion is bold. Add a stroke of color to those neutral outfit choices, and you’ll see a huge difference! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! And it’s easy for…

Irving Penn ‘Mouth (for L’Oréal), New York, 1986′ 1986 © Irving Penn Foundation

The Bold Lip

A bold lip takes courage. It stands alone–strong and proud!  You don’t need to fancy up a bold lip with more makeup or vibrant clothes; you don’t need to do anything really to work a bold lip. Just have courage! You maybe thinking, “Why do I need courage to wear a bold lip? It’s just…