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Watch: Living in America as a Black Muslim Woman

Being Black and Muslim is tough; it just feels as if you’re always out of the equation. That’s why Black History Month is not only a reminder for us that we should do better for our Black Muslim brothers and sisters, but also an acknowledgment of their Black excellence. The bias against Black skin and…


Dear Black Muslim Women

“Dear Black Muslim Women” is a love letter dedicated to young Black Muslim girls who look like me.  This is the letter that I have always wanted growing up. I wanted to create a form of art that highlights our struggle of being a part of the three most mistreated, discriminated against, and dehumanized identities in…


Halima Aden Makes History Again

For all Muslim women around the globe, yesterday was a monumental day. Halima Aden yet again made history by being the first model to wear a burkini in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I don’t know about you, but this excited me a lot. Like many other Muslim girls, I’ve grown up barely seeing myself…


The Top 10 Books to Read for Black History Month

Black History stretches across time, space, and disciple. Everywhere from the arts, film, and pop culture, to politics, activism, and education, Black women and men around the world have made, and continue to make history. Although there are many ways to celebrate Black History, nothing compares to hitting the books. Black History has been captured…


MSAs Are Not Meant for Everyone, and That’s Okay

As I packed my bags in preparation for college four years ago, I was excited about the opportunities that were ahead of me. There was a chance to explore a new city, a chance to make new friends, and even a chance to experience an actual winter, with actual snow. None of these opportunities, however,…

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