How Progressive Media Spaces Rule Palestinians Out

With the war raging in Ukraine, Gigi Hadid joined many celebrities who took to social media to sound their solidarity with Ukraine. She stated she would be donating all of her earnings from her Autumn 2022 fashion shows to “aid those suffering from the Ukraine war, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the…

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What Can You Do About the Hijab Ban in India?

In case you haven’t been catching up with recent news, there’s been an outrage following the India hijab ban order – and we’ve got the full story here. Long story short, on 5th February 2022, an order was issued by the Karnataka government, in India, banning Muslim students from wearing a hijab as part of…

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NYT Publishes a Full-Page Ad Smearing the Hadid Sisters and Dua Lipa

On Saturday, the New York Times published a shocking full-page advertisement paid for by Rabbi Shumley Boteach, founder of the right-wing pro-Isreal organization, World Values Network. It has since faced major backlash from both the public and the victims of the ad themselves for placing the sensationalist headline “Hamas calls for a second Holocaust. CONDEMN…

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Mia Khalifa Takes to Twitter to Defend Bella Hadid and Palestine

Lebanese adult actress turned influencer Mia Khalifa never fails to publicly share her opinions of conflicts in the world. Over the past two weeks, she took to social media to shed light on the historic and ongoing injustices in Palestine. In recently posted tweets, Khalifa referred to the United States’ support of the Israeli government…

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Bella Hadid Attends a Pro-Palestine Protest In Brooklyn

Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid has always made her pro-Palestinian stance known. Yesterday, she took to the streets of Brooklyn, along with tons of other protesters, to stand against the injustices in Palestine. Hadid was seen carrying a flag that was a combo of a keffiyeh and a Palestinian flag, with a keffiyeh wrapped around her…

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#MGTop8: Bella Hadid is the Ultimate Clapback Queen

Bella Hadid gets our Clapback Queen superlative in our first-ever #MGTop8. The #MGTop8 highlights fearless changemakers that are making an impact on elevating Muslim women’s voices. To view the rest of our #MGTop8, click here. From a recent wave of Palestine protest photos spreading across the internet, one rose to visible prominence. It was that of a protester marching in London,…