This #MuslimWomensDay, We Sounded off on Autonomy

As we put our fourth annual Muslim Women’s Day behind us, we take a look back at the plethora of content that came out of this day, centered on the narratives of Muslim women in their own voices. Our newsfeeds were blessed with the most important conversations centered around the lives and daily realities of…


POEM: The Fabric That Defines Me

This poem is an ode to the headscarf, a fabric that has been heavily policed and debated, yet represents autonomy for many Muslim women. Who am I to you? Terrorist. Oppressed. Confined. Restricted. Hidden. Imprisoned. Controlled. The fabric which envelopes me, a welcome friend, a haven. Unnerves and offends. This barrier restricts myself to you….


#KashmirBleeds: What’s Happening in Kashmir?

On the 4th of August, 2019, Kashmir went dark. The already heavily-militarized region was over-run with troops from the Indian Army, as the Indian government scrapped Article 370, a part of the Indian constitution that allowed the region of Jammu and Kashmir (a historically disputed area between India and Pakistan) to have a separate constitution,…


#MGAnon: How Can I Convince My Dad That I Need Independence?

Welcome to #MuslimGirlAnon, your one-stop spot for all the advice you could need! Every week, we crowd-source the very best advice our #MGClique has to offer about issues plaguing our girl gang. Need some advice? Write to editorial@muslim-girl-2021-production.mystagingwebsite.com, and we may just feature you!  Q: I’m a first generation college student and have big dreams of…


5 Reasons Why We Stan the Women’s March

Another orbit around the sun, another year of patriarchal nonsense. Flashback to January 2017, about one million women united across the nation in response to the election of Donald J. Trump. This formidable turnout was designed to send a message: that despite the fact that the hallowed rooms of the White House were now occupied…


Here’s Why Airbnb Removing Its Listings from the West Bank Isn’t “Jew Hatred”

Recently, Airbnb announced its removal of listings of properties in Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Although the site lists Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) as separate from Israel, some properties in Efrat, Ma’ale Rehavam and Tekou are listed in Israel itself. These properties are beyond the “green line.” The 1949 Armistice Agreement between…