Carina Nebula @NASA

Why Is the James Webb Telescope So Important?

Last week,  NASA revealed the most stunning visual images of the deepest views of the universe.   However, I did not see many Muslim magazines publish any articles about the impact of these discoveries on the future of the public community.  I believe this is partly due to the fact that there is still a…


Engineering and Astronomy During the Islamic Empire

A time of great prosperity, the Islamic Golden Age was an era of innovation at its finest. Not only were advancements in art, architecture, medicine, and mathematics prominent, but entire civilizations were improved by the conquest of lands by the Arabs. Significant areas of study such as engineering and astronomy thrived at the hands of…


The Abbasid Era

The Abbasid Caliphate (750 C.E. – 1528 C.E.) is not only known as the third of the Caliphates in the Islamic Empire, but as one of the most influential and educative periods in history. It was a golden time marked by incredible advancements in the sciences and arts, advancements that were probably never deemed possible….