11 Times Islamic Poetry Touched Our Souls

Poetry weaves the magic of words and invokes feelings within us like no other literary work does. The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (SAW) said, “Indeed some forms of speech are magical,” [Bukhari], and “Indeed there is wisdom in some forms of poetry,” [Bukhari], meaning that words can have a spellbinding effect and can captivate the…


Torture Victims Are Not For Display

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 12,751 people have been tortured to death by Bashar al-Assad’s regime since 2011. Photographs depicting the bodies of those tortured and killed by the regime were smuggled out of Syria by “Caesar”, an anonymous ex-military photographer who defected and fled the country, as he was unable to…


Islamic Architecture

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , the Islamic religion was spreading rapidly all across the Middle East and the world. Because of this, there was an increased demand for mosques and spiritual gathering places. The construction of these designated places of worship marked the beginning of the influential architectural creations of the…


The Islamic Empire’s Golden Age

The roads wound all over the empire. Foreign goods were abundant in markets. The minds of the people were alive, buzzing with innovations and ideas. While the rest of the world was vanquished by intellectual darkness, the Islamic Empire was alive and teeming with knowledge and discovery, creating one of the greatest eras in history….